Saturday, April 6, 2013

Writing Exercise #93

We're going to use a ghost line today (where the first line of your poem is pulled from someone else's poem and remains unseen)


1. the one that got away (don't write the name, just describe them ALL THE WAY)
2. a memento from when you were small
3. an animal you love(d)
4. an animal you fear(ed)
5. the sweetest thing they ever said
6. an object that reminds you of them
7. what you do when you're nervous
8. a place to hide love

- - - -

Today's ghost line is from Anne Sexton's THE ROOM OF MY LIFE. The line is:

in the room of my life"

continue from this line. Include everything from the Ingredients list. What would #1 be doing? Where would #5 be standing? Or would it be floating? Webbed in a corner? Huddled in a drawer? Which animal is doing #7 now?