Monday, February 16, 2009

Poetry Exercise #6 *

1. Three things that frighten you

2. Three specific people or places you will never return to

3. A mythological event

4. Three comforts

- - - - - -

Find one of the above in a place it does not belong. Write a "Found" poem. Not, like, a found poem, but more like an ad. Did you attempt to lure it home? Feed it? Kill it? Ask it out on a date? Drive it to a clinic? Then incorporate the other things from your list. Have fun. Be freaky. Verb the nouns (my favorite thing!) Don't make me come over there and axe murderer staggering towards you in the dark hallway you!


(This exercise was inspired by Craigslist)

* tomorrow I will post my imagery exercise since some of you have asked about it (it had been posted somewhere else once, and then it ran away.)

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