Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Writing Exercise #33

You know what I hate more than most things on this planet? Bullies. They come in many forms. They come as politicians, classmates, hurricanes, disease...

So let's keep this simple.


1. List a bully. Just one. Because we can't lose focus.

- - -

Write a curse. If you want to bless them instead, that's cool, too. If you want to curse a philanderer with fourteen daughters, that makes perfect sense. But you gotta get deeper than that. If you want to bless your mother's hands with bowls of forgiveness, you can do that too.

It might be cool to flip from line to line. A curse of this / a blessing of this.
Do you, unless you're standing up for someone else. Then do you, but also give yourself magical powers.

It's clear I need a glass of water. It's been a long day. Peace to you. You're doing great.


(This exercise was inspired by the Poet Laureate of My Heart, Martín Espada and his miraculous poem, "Federico's Ghost."