Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Writing Exercise #23

Ordinarily the prompts I post are loosely based on a line or an idea I've found in a poem I admire. I try my best to steer you lovelies from attempting to "rewrite" a poem (in your own poetic voice, of course) but today, I have to admit that the poem I was inspired to build a prompt from is so sharp and succinct, I think it's okay to use its premise as a jump off point for yours. So here goes.


1. Make a list of three peaceful & gorgeous moments from your life. It can involve someone else, or just yourself. It doesn't have to be a life-changing moment, just a time when you were relaxed and safe and warm and full of contentment.

2. Recall the atmosphere of these moments. Specific objects. Sounds. Colors. Aromas...

3. List three things about you that have changed since then.

- - - - -

Write a poem or story that calls it back (#1) You can call them all back. You can call small elements of each one back (#2) but I definitely think it would be interesting to bring them back to a place that, even though it/they might not be compatible with your current situation/feelings (#3) Let's call this your "treasure" poem. Maybe yesterday at work, you needed your grandmother's turquoise bracelet, and the song you heard her sing when she thought she was alone. Or maybe Linda's hair beneath your pillow. Or an entire person in your medicine cabinet. Do what you want. It's your life.


This exercise was inspired by Lucille Clifton's "oh antic God".