Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Writing Exercise #21


1. Three "famous" physical characteristics of yours.

2. Describe the weather (past or present) inside your heart, using all five senses.

3. One place that is, for you, the epitome of "peace and quiet"

- - - - -

First, place each thing from #1 in a hiding place (taped to the bottom of a jewelry box, behind a dresser drawer, beneath the mattress)

Okay. Now, narrate the condition of your house/apartment post-death. Include #2 to describe the atmosphere of the house. Scatter the #1s throughout the house. If you want, instruct the person you wish to inherit them on how to find them.

Save your most valuable #1 for #3. Who would you send for it? Or, would you not give it to anyone? Would you instead let it flourish and become something else? If so, what would it become? Have fun. This isn't morbid. No one lives forever. And this is probably as close to a living will that you are ever going to get. (Although if you want, I can give you the name of a good lawyer)

- - - -

This exercise was inspired by Jack Gilbert's poem "Gift Horses."