Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writing Exercise #15


1. a bad day

2. an act that requires deep concentration

3. a small space

First off, don't choose a day that has the potential to ruin this day. Cool? Cool. Now that we have that all cleared up:

write a poem or story in third person. You don't get to be "I" in your worst day story. You have to be He or She or the man or the woman or the girl or the boy or the invisible dog.

Describe the atmosphere of the worst day (#1). What fruits weren't in season? What song was caught in your hair? What animal was in the road? What word was painted on the butcher's wrists? What stepped off of the train? Which one of your teeth snuck away? If you don't remember, that's even better. MAKE IT UP. If you do remember! Lie! Perfect.

Narrate yourself through this day. What was your heart doing to avoid all of this (#2). Narrate the importance of its ignorance. Finally, pick something or someone (real or not real) that was waiting for you when you got home. Where, exactly, was it? (#3) Oh, and don't tell what the thing was doing there. This should be left between the thing and the reader.

- - - - - - -

(This exercise was inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events.)