Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Writing Exercise # 11

Write a bio in verse for someone. You don't have to know them personally. Include:

1. An act lifted from a fairy tale, myth, or bible/fable

2. Something you only assume of the person (but state it as fact)

3. What a part of their body is made of (preferably not humanly possible)


The cradle fell and out he spilled.
He was the fourth of five sons.
His mouth was a gun tornado.
His first kiss was a lonesome man.
He went to school in a small town where a bottle of gin was elected mayor.
The love of his life had twelve toes and sang like an arsonist.
He married her and had two brilliant mistakes.
He worked in a high heel factory until his hair turned white.
He died in the arms of an unsent love letter.

- - - - -

(This exercise was inspired by Gerald Stern's "Pennsylvania Bio," from Last Blue)

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