Wednesday, April 8, 2009

O, Virginia

This weekend I will be fascilitating a workshop as well as reading some poems in Richmond, VA. I've never been there, and it's Easter weekend, so I'm gonna pack up the whole crew for yet another roadtrip into the unknown. I'll be creating a limited edition chapbook, which I try to do every time I read.

This month's 30/30 challenge has been fun for me. I finished two manuscripts thanks to last year's NaPoWriMo and, knock on wood, I hope to finish a third by May 2nd. I keep intending to finish up on my collection of short-stories, but all these damn poems keep happening.

I guess now is the time (since the contracts have been signed and we're trying to figure out/design a cover) that I should announce my first full-length book of poetry, Pink Elephant, will be coming out in the fall, published by Cypher Books, which is also nerve-wracking because both of Suheir Hammad's books with Cypher are #1 & #3 on the SPD's best-seller list. I am hoping someone other than my dad and fairygodparents will want to pick one up. Anyways, I ate an entire [solid] chocolate bunny for lunch and my dog ate half a dirty diaper.