Friday, March 6, 2009

Everything looks so small from far away

Just got back from my trip to NYC. The drive was smoother than key lime and I didn't hit a crumb of bad weather on the way down or back up. Me and my girls packed up the truck and sang along with the Pixies and Dark Dark Dark. Good times.

I read Tuesday night at Urbana's semi-final slam at the Bowery Poetry Club. It was fantastic to see familiar faces in that large crowd. I love eating stolen popcorn.

Wednesday night I taught a workshop on how to "invent" imagery, nonsequitors, etc. and everyone in attendance came up with absolutely banana-fied poetry that totally re-ignited the spent sparks that had been lying around inside my noggin.

I have two new exercises brewing, one inspired by an artist I've recently started some correspondence with, the other, by my friend Kim Sheridan. They are extraordinarily talented women. More bananas. (And dipped in chocolate)