Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing Exercise # 41


1. What took you so long?

2. What more could you have done?

3. What's eating you? (Literally. Figuratively. Go bananas.)

4. What finds you no matter where you hide?

5. Where did you go when no one noticed?

6. What song or story or monument do your hands resemble? Your eyes? Mouth? Heart?

7. What is constantly at work?

8. What or who was nowhere near one of your greatest accomplishments?

9. What simple thing would you like to do today?

10. What simple thing did you wish for when you were small?

11. What is the meanest you could get?

12. What wish of someone else's would you grant?

- - - -

Write a fairy tale poem to retell your life story or a moment in your life or someone else's life or the life you imagine for a person you mourn/love/admire/fear.


(This exercise was inspired by the album Wild Go by the outstanding band Dark, Dark, Dark and, specifically, the song -- that I have on repeat for hours at a time most days -- Something For Myself.)

* * *

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