Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writing Exercise #45


1. A person with a character trait or habit that keeps you up at night.

2. A quiet thing that goes about its business (often unnoticed)

- - - -

In today's writing, let the person's habit or trait breed something of itself that resembles #2, only make sure whatever it breeds is representative of its creator. Have these things graze or swim or peck or sleep long hours. Choose something from #3 that this trait eventually becomes. Think of a church steeple termited with grief. Or a herd of cyclones that overeats (women). Maybe the person loves too much or falls in love too often. Maybe they are always giving back-handed compliments. It's always up to you, ladies and gentleman. I just work here.

Be the careful observer. The grim Jacques Cousteau narrating its movements and slow, steady destruction.

(This exercise was totally inspired by the obnoxiously talented artist - who also designed the cover of my book Pink Elephant - and plaid shirt aficionado, Mike Stilkey.)

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