Thursday, April 12, 2012

Writing Exercise #69


1. Make columns for each of the Five Senses and beneath each sense, write the things that turn you on. For example, for SMELL: a sweaty man or the name of your wife's neck.

2. Write down the animal of your love. I'm sure your love is either a wild beast or a soft animal.

3. A quiet place.

- - - - -

Write a ghostlove poem. It could be the voice of your actual ghost, or the ghost of your love. Let it or you take on the characteristics of what you chose for #2. Now place the ghost of your self or love in the quiet place. Let it roam and wander, searching for the things listed in #1. Perhaps this is what your love does while you are sleeping. Or what you would do with the person you loved if you left this planet. Just be sure to allow yourself and/or your love its proper wildness.

This exercise was inspired by the number 69.