Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Writing Exercise # 59


1. Think of someone you have great memories of.

2. List some of those memories. Capture as many quiet/wild/scary/joyous moments as you can.

3. Make up three impossible memories.

- - - - -

Let's write an anaphora poem. CLICK HERE to learn what one is and, also, to read a few examples. Ginsberg's "Howl" is a great example, too.

Consider any of the following to be your opening/repeating line:

It seems like yesterday when

No one can take away

Let the last thing I remember be

We dared to

When we were young

Our hearts only wanted to

In 19____

or make up your own. Once you catch your rhythm, don't let it go. Include the impossible memories. Include specific details of places only you and this person could know. It's okay if none of these memories are real. If you want this to be a dream-filled eulogy, do it. But make sure you have some fun.