Monday, April 2, 2012

Writing Exercise #58


1. Three humiliations.

2. Three disasters (natural, political, whatever you want)

3. Three discomforts.

_ _ _ _ _

Do you know what a curse is? Not a curse word, I'm talking about an actual downhome and hearty curse. If you've never written one, that's okay. You've most likely thought one in response to someone wretched before. And if you haven't, you probably deserve some sort of medal.

This exercise is about you writing some catalogue verse...a list poem of seventeen curses. The first nine should be pulled from the things you wrote out as ingredients, above. By the time you hit number 8 or 9, you should be on a roll. Which is why I want you to s t r e t c h that amazing brain of yours and write 8 more.

The entire poem should not be to one person. Curse anyone and everyone you can think of. I'm thinking Newt Gingrich has an entire congregation of blackbirds waiting to peck out his tongue. Oh, which reminds me. Try to incorporate groups of animals. Or better, groups of [insert horrible thing here.] That animal groups link is my go-to when I'm feeling extra wicked. And don't worry, you can be naughty on the page today, because tomorrow's exercise will totally make up for it.