Saturday, April 23, 2011

Writing Exercise #49

Seems like a day for a litany, doesn't it?


!. Three things you witnessed by the age of ten.

2. Three things you learned the hard way.

3. Three things you can't forget.

4. Three things that worry you.

5. Three things you have built.

6. Three things you have destroyed.

7. Three things that follow you.

8. Three things that calm you.

9. Three things you envy.

10. Three things you wish weren't true.

- - -

I love the litany as a form. As much as I love unitoums (one-word pantoums). Before you start today's writing, read Gabrielle Calvocoressi's poem, Late Twentieth Century in the Form of Litany. My sister, April, introduced me to her and holy BOLOGNA! Go buy all of her books. Then come back to your lists of things and design your own litany. Decide, first, which of the things you've written down will be your recurring line. Then go go go.

We're in the home stretch, folks. One week left of NaPoWriMo! By now, your brain is either exhausted or it's limber and ready to jet on down to the finish line.


(This exercise was inspired by the mantra I built for myself on the subway yesterday.)