Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Writing Exercise #52

This is going to sound easy, but it isn't.


1. Three things you stress out about.

2. Five things/skills you do not have, but want.

3. Five sounds you hate.

4. Three animals that scare you.

5. Five small things that annoy you.

- - -

Here's what we're going to do. Title the poem with a moment from #1. For example: When The Phone Goes Three Days Without Ringing or After You Lose Your Job or When Your Lover Moves Away or When I Got Spanked For What I Didn't Do...

Then let the next lines be guided by this title and go! Include as much of your others lists as possible.

When Your Lover Moves Away

Everything leaks.
Everyone sounds like a grand piano under water.
Sharks thrash in the sink. You wake up
missing your writing hand.
The cats howl like distant sirens.
Every child is playing a filthy violin.


(This exercise was inspired by the magnificent Regie Cabico and his poem Glare.)